Zija Mobile App

​The Opportunity

Zija is an international, multi-level marketing company. They had a previous mobile app which provided distributors in-app interaction with their larger Back Office web interface. Zija asked us to revamp their mobile presence by providing a cleaner and more robust app.

​The Solution

We provided a mobile development team to recreate the Zija app from scratch. With less than three months before the desired debut, meeting the timeline was our greatest challenge. By implementing a parallel strategy, we successfully delivered full apps for both iOS and Android on time, as well as an additional demo version with increased functionality.

We provided:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mobile App Development
  • UI/UX
  • Security Architecture

Business Analysis & Project Management

Due to the tight timeline, the development had to begin on day one. The first step was to sit with the client to decide the single most important feature of the app and provide enough detail for development to begin. Our Business Analyst then sat daily with the client’s product owner, walking through every feature of each screen, carefully documenting the requirements in detail.

Our Project Manager wrote a finely detailed, step-by-step, prioritized product backlog, grouped into epics and stories. This plan broke the work into three priorities: 1) to focus on a minimally viable product for the initial store release; 2) to provide an expanded version to demo during a company convention; and 3) to fully implement the remaining components in future releases.

Mobile App Development (iOS and Android)

SolutionStream provided two committed mobile experts, one for each system. These engineers worked in tandem, developing parallel features to ensure consistency between the iOS and Android versions. Our engineers also partnered with the Zija development group to update existing API services, while creating new API services that will transfer data between the apps and servers. Both the iOS and Android apps were developed natively in Xcode and Java, using a JSON interface for the API.

Quality Assurance

Our team included a dedicated QA engineer to ensure developed features conformed to both functional and non-functional requirements. Our engineer also lead QA intra-team efforts, collaborating with Zija’s internal QA team, to ensure all defects were recorded, properly detailed, and prioritized.

User Experience

Zija’s internal marketing team provided all designs for the app’s user interface; however, we found during development that some of the desired interactions broke existing mobile standards. To improve overall app functionality, Solution Stream brought in one of our own User Experience Consultants to review every page with the client. Many key updates arose from these discussion, greatly improving specific features.

Security Architecture

Since the apps display personal commission and contact information data, security was a key consideration. The app’s communication between the client servers and other 3rd party services was also a concern. SolutionStream offered additional architectural security consulting to review the system’s structure and offer suggestions for improvement.