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Launch your mobile app or website faster with mobile app development company SolutionStream. We'll help you take it from concept to complete product on time with all the components you need.

One of the first decisions you will make is whether to develop a mobile website or a mobile app. An app is more suited to specific goals or actions such as playing a game or completing a task. On the other hand, a mobile website is another version of your website designed for mobile browsers and touch screen interactions.

If an app is right for your mobile project, the next step will be deciding which platforms to use.

iOS Development

mobile app development

iOS is the second biggest development platform and has enjoyed a large market share since its release in 2007. Using and developing for iOS is similar to OS X, the operating system on Mac computers which many users are familiar with.

Android Development

mobile app development company

Android is the most popular mobile device platform by a fair margin. It uses the Linux operating system and Android apps are coded in Java.

web and mobile app development

Responsive Web Layout

Your mobile website could be a separate, unique site or you could opt to have SolutionStream build a custom, Responsive site. A Responsive design site means that your standard full size site can be resized to work in any browser including tablets and phones.


Getting in on the mobile boom could be crucial to your business in the coming years. Businesses of all sizes are capitalizing on web and mobile app development by giving customers apps that help them enjoy the brand's products. We've already worked with a diverse range of companies including Western Governors University, ExtraSpace Storage, and USANA to bring their messages to mobile users. Talk to SolutionStream today about how we can help you build apps and mobile sites to increase and engage your customer base.

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