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What is React?


I want to talk about React JS and how it could benefit your company. A lot of the companies that I have worked for, have enjoyed React because it's been around for four years. It's maintained and developed by Facebook, which means it's not going anywhere anytime soon. There are some very large companies that use React, like Facebook, Airbnb, Walmart, Netflix, Paypal, and many more. 

React JS Community

The community for React is, very large. Since it's been around for four years, there's a lot of presence on Stack Overflow (A question and answer site about a wide range of computer programming topics). This makes it great for developers because they are able to get help when needed.

React Documentation

Facebook has done a fantastic job with documenting all of the functionality that you can have, as well as functionality that they're going to be coming out with. Another important factor with React is the speed of development. It borrows a lot of ideas from functional programming, which allows you, while you're programming to implement code extremely fast. It's easy to get from the design phase to production in a very, very short amount of time because you can utilize React CLI, the Command Line Interface. It's easy to reuse components, and that's the whole idea of React is, you want to make a component once that can be functional in other places throughout the application. 

React Native

Another thing to look at is React Native. React Native is not React, but it's a subset of React, meaning it's very, very similar and developed by Facebook. So what React Native is, is it's the ability to create a mobile application for many different platforms using React. 

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Written By

Mike Endsley

Mike is the Front-End practice manager at Solution Stream who prides himself in creating scalable, maintainable, and usable front-end experiences. In his free time, you can find him working on restoring his 1961 Lincoln Continental or participating in 3-Gun competitions across the Salt Lake Valley.

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