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What Is Vue JS?


My name's Kyle Deweese, I'm a Full Stack Developer here at SolutionStream. Over the course of the last few years, there's been a framework called Vue that's been rapidly surging in popularity, in fact rated it as the highest rated front-end framework in 2017.

Vue Overview 

Vue is actually being utilized by several large companies, from Adobe and Alibaba to even Netflix and Facebook. They're all getting ready to deploy production code in a rapidly developed environment. One of the extreme advantages of Vue is that it's extremely fast for prototyping. Designers can code in languages they're familiar with, like HTML and CSS, and then pass it over to a Vue developer who can convert it to a live template in just minutes.

Advantages of Vue JS

Since Vue is developed by a community of developers instead of a massive single corporation, it's very easy for it to be used in all kinds of countries, under all kind of circumstances. Vue is so lightweight and easy to work with, you can import libraries of all kinds, from D3 and C4, which are chart-based libraries, to even Moment and WebGL based libraries, allowing you to have complex animations. It doesn't concern itself with having the most features, it gives you a canvas to make your app what you need.

Is Vue for you? 

When choosing if it's right for you, Vue can often be used in many places where Angular is used, even React. It operates under similar circumstances and using similar practices, but provides more of the generic JavaScript feel that many developers are used to, and provides lots of tools out-of-the-box that make it really simple to just get up and get going.

Written By

Kyle Deweese

Kyle is a full stack developer at SolutionStream. He takes great pride in improving speed and efficiency in code bundles, focusing on making sure mobile experiences are fast and lean. When not obsessing over code under a Jolly Roger, Kyle enjoys model railroading and is an all-around video and board game enthusiast. Kyle organizes our in-house tournaments and game nights.

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