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Collaborative Atmosphere and Cutting Edge Tech

See what it’s like working at the premiere custom development shop in the Rocky Mountains.

Small Company Feel

All of our consultants are full-time employees with competitive pay, benefits and 401k matching. And if you want to work extra, we pay extra, unlike other companies who just pay your base salary. For example, an extra five hours a week adds up quickly to $8,000-12,000 a year, essentially a 10% bump in pay.

We care about our employees' lives in and out of work. You'll get to know the entire team at SolutionStream events like:

  • Company Movies

  • Family Theme Park Days

  • Gift Parties

  • BBQ & Cake Day

  • Recognition & Awards

Hottest New Tech Market

The Salt Lake-Provo area is one of the top tech markets in the world. Exciting startups and cool companies pop up all the time, and these are our clients. Companies like Domo, Adobe, and AtTask/Workfront are leading the charge, and we help them make it happen.