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At SolutionStream, we approach custom software development and design sprints a little differently. Rather than throw a bunch of ideas at a wall and hope something sticks, we work with our clients to create software solutions that get it right the first time, on time and on budget. In other words, Instead of making a mess on the walls, let’s compose a masterpiece.

SolutionStream’s goal is to create digital products that transform our client’s business.

What allows us to deliver consistent results is the powerful combination of our people, our collaborative culture, and our proven delivery methods.

Start with an idea

The SolutionMap

A SolutionMap is a multi-day, immersive design sprint and strategy workshop that combines the smartest minds from your organization and ours to solve your software’s most difficult needs.

Step 1The Problem

The first phase will ensure that everyone involved understands your goals and vision. We’ll analyze your target, your business needs, potential roadblocks and technical requirements.

Step 2The Plan

Next, we’ll work with you to define user flows and critical pathways for the project. We’ll outline the user’s journey and wireframe the most critical and complicated portions of the interface.

Step 3The Decision

In this last phase, we’ll finalize the wireframes, prioritize features and set realistic goals. Once we’re all the same page, our team will get to work, delivering the agreed upon assets in just one week.

Step 4The Delivery

What you Get

  • User Stories

  • Wireframes

  • Journey Map

  • Clickable Prototypes

  • Team Consensus

Everything About SolutionMaps in 2.22

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Two products to fit your needs

StoryMap Studio

1 Week Design Sprint

User personas, robust wireframes, and technical architecture. We give structure to your ideas. Expanding the details and ensuring your concepts ring true. You’ll get a road map and detailed wireframes so you can execute your vision.

Product Studio

2 Week Design Sprint

The total package. We address every aspect of your product, from identifying business and technical challenges, to creating intuitive wireframes and finally rendering a beautifully designed prototype. We’ll test our ideas with users so we have a validated plan ready for development.

Ready To Get Started? So Are We.

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