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What is a SolutionMap

We pair our knowledge and experience in product design & development with your experts' deep understanding to determine just what your business and customers need. We'll work together to push boundaries and visualize a workable, sophisticated, and user-friendly solution.

Since our process is so unique we gave it a unique name: the SolutionMap. We've designed out each day of the program with exercises that help your team evaluate priorities, concieve solutions, and define the optimal path-to-market.

  • StoryMap Studio 1 Week

    Using user personas, robust wireframes, and technical architecture, we give structure to your ideas. Expanding the details and ensuring your concepts ring true. At the end of our session we deliver a comprehensive end-to-end roadmap, along with detailed wireframes so you can successfully execute your vision.

  • Product Studio 2 Weeks

    Our most complete option. During this immersive process, we address every aspect of your product. From identifying the business & technical challenges, to creating intuitive wireframes, and finally rendering a beautifully designed prototype. This gives your project the proof-of-concept, and the blueprints to build it.

At the end of our SolutionMap workshops, you are ready to demo your app to stakeholders or jump into development with either our team or yours utilizing your end-to-end roadmap and the peace of mind that your project will be successful.