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Enabling Entertainment Across the Globe

Deluxe Technicolor is a multinational company that provides theatrical licensing services to theaters across the world. After 65 years in business, the company needed to modernize their brand and create a robust online presence and consolidate several theater-centric tools used by Deluxe Technicolor clients.

Sketching & Conceptualizing

SolutionStream facilitated a SolutionMap with the combined team from DT to design the tricky product. DT was able to make innovative choices around the design of the product and SolutionStream created UX designs to match their product vision. Also during the SolutionMap the SolutionStream team created a roadmap and project plan that would allow for the application to be delivered during the tight timeline.


SolutionStream solved the problem of digital encryption key distribution, film booking/scheduling, and theater management, aimed at theater managers, studio representatives, and projectionists. The solution also included a white-labeled version meant to be sold as a service for Deluxe Technicolor clients with similar requirements, but who wanted their own branding, etc.

The Outcome

We worked with the Deluxe Technicolor team to create the ultimate product to highlight their company’s vision, make their data product easy to access and manage, and focused on simple tools to make the customer experience exceptional.

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