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Going the extra mile for Extra Space Storage

Sometimes you just need a little space. Maybe you’re moving, need a place to store unused items, or just got out of a bad relationship. Either way, space is good. And since 1977, Extra Space Storage has been leading the charge in transforming the storage industry.

Extra Space Storage built their business model from a simple idea: their facilities would make storing your stuff easy, clean and secure. Now, with those same principles guiding their company, Extra Space Storage boasts nearly 1,500 stores in 39 states, with over 900,000 units and 103 million square feet of rentable space.


Extra Space Storage (ESS) felt that their online mobile unit reservations were not performing as well as they could be. They discovered that a large amount of their mobile site visitors were leaving the site before making a unit reservation. Many of these preferred to call the ESS call center to reserve a storage unit instead of reserving online. ESS wanted SolutionStream to refine, streamline, and inovate their mobile site to increase conversions, while decreasing call center calls.


Extra Space Storage understands the importance of maintaining a strong brand. To this end, SolutionStream strove to learn it better than the average ESS employee. This would ensure that any new designs would strictly adhere to the ESS style guide and the company’s target personas.

Mobile sites need to ensure that their pages load fast and conserve visitors' data. ESS is very driven by this philosophy. For this reason SolutionStream was advised that images were to be used sparsely or not at all. In addition, Arial was the only font to be used on the mobile site.

Lastly, all proposed changes were either to be data-driven, or at the very least have a real world precedent from another site.

Redesigning their digital space

When Extra Space Storage came to SolutionStream, we immediately realized that the bulk of their problem was in the current UX/UI elements on their website. Not only was it was outdated, but the process lacked flow, leading to frustration among users.

We started by diving deep and analyzing competitor sites. Coupled with our user research, we identified some key areas to improve and put together some site designs that matched Extra Space Storage’s visual identity while proposing several new UX/UI concepts that were specifically tailored to their needs.


From our research we found new UI elements and methods that the existing user path needed badly. The new designs integrated these into the user flow. We also identified some items and information that was superfluous to the experience. These were either deleted, or moved to a more appropriate location on the site.